Billing & Payment Policy

The purpose of this policy is to help aid the billing and payment process. In its simplest form; we accepts the following payment types: Business Check, Money Order, ACH Transfer, and Credit/Debit cards. See below for restrictions.

Business Check Restrictions

Must have business name, address, and phone number printed. Account activation may be held until check clears our bank.

Credit/Debit Card Restrictions

The total amount may not exceed $800 USD. In the event of a balance above the limit an alternate payment method is required. (I.E. ACH Transfer or Business Check)

Monthly Subscriptions

If subscribing to one of our monthly payment options we must have either a Credit Card (as long as the monthly amount does not exceed the limit) or banking information on file.

In general, all invoices are due upon receipt unless otherwise noted on the invoice. Failure to remit payment by due date may result in a 35 late fee per month late.

In the event of a returned check or denied payment we reserve the right to charge a $35 returned payment fee plus any late fees that may result.