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Operation ShadowHammer

Security researchers believe a supply chain attack known as Operation ShadowHammer may have distributed a backdoor to more than 1 million users.  Kaspersky Lab first discovered Operation ShadowHammer back in January 2019. The attackers behind the campaign directed their supply chain attack against the ASUS Live Update software, a utility that comes preinstalled on most computers […]

A Global Attack Could Cause $200bn in Damage – And We’re Just Not Ready!

Is Your Organization Ready For A Ransomware Attack? This report, ‘Bashe attack: Global infection by contagious malware’ explores a scenario in which companies’ devices are infected with malware that threatens to destroy or block access to files unless a ransom is paid. The attack is launched through an infected email, which once opened is forwarded […]

How Everyone Can Implement SSL Decryption & Inspection

Since 2011, when Google announced it was switching to Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) by default, there has been a rapid increase in Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) sessions. Initially, SSL sessions were reserved for only important traffic, where personal, financial or sensitive data was transferred. Now, it seems we can’t receive news or perform a simple […]

Cyber Monday, Black Friday Targeted by Spike in Ransomware Attacks

Throughout the year, SonicWall tracks cyber threats around the clock. But the holiday shopping season — specifically the days around Thanksgiving — is anything but typical. During this nine-day window, cybercriminals plan and execute cyberattacks, even before the early hours of Black Friday. They systematically build malware, ransomware and phishing campaigns to prey on busy holiday shoppers. For […]

Prepare your network security for the Holidays.

As anyone who works in the retail sector will tell you, the holiday season is fast approaching.  Black Friday lands on the 24th November; Cyber Monday quickly follows on November 27th, and then retailers are straight into the busy holiday shopping period.  In 2016, Americans spent $40 billion online, while in Europe consumers in just five countries […]

Are Your Cameras Spying On You?

As a business owner you probably have some form of video surveillance. If not, you should probably consider it. Just make sure your cameras weren’t manufactured by the China Government. All the devices were manufactured by a single company, Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology. It is 42%-owned by the Chinese government. The Memphis police use the […]